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About Libya

Official name : Libya

Religion : Islam

Currency : Dinar

Climate : Mediterranean climate in the coastal region with maximum summer temperature around the 35°C winter temperatures vary between 3°C to 21°C with some rain to be expected. Summer in the Sahara is very hot indeed, and can reach up to 50°C; winter is sunny and pleasant in the desert during the day, but temperatures can drop below freezing point at night.

Libya is a country of strong contrasts, offering visitors an opportunity to view not only some of the greatest Roman and Greek cities in the world, but also the stunning vistas of the Sahara desert. On the Mediterranean coastal strip, near to the capital Tripoli, stand the breathtaking Roman cities of Sabrata and Leptis Magna, while further east, in the beautiful area of the Jabal Akhdar (Green Mountains) are the wonderfully preserved Greek remains of Cyrene and Apollonia.
For lovers of the desert, the Acacus region of the Libyan Sahara offers an unresistable attraction with its wild, spectacular scenery and prehistoric cave paintings. If you enjoy 4-wheel drive desert travel and guided camel tours this is a region you should not miss. For those interested in World War II history, Tobruk offers visits to Rommel’s headquarters and the Allied and German war cemeteries.

SAHARA FRIENDS invites you to experience this intriguing country on a group or tailor-made tour, offering a wonderful opportunity to see the extraordinary sites, both natural and man-made, that Libya has to offer.

on the Unesco List of World Cultural Heritage:
1. Leptis Magna, 2. Sabratha, 3. Cyrene, 4. Acacus area, 5. Ghadames
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