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1st.September 1998
3482 Sebha

We specialise in tours to the Libyan sahara and therefore offer clients the benefit of our considerable knowledge and experience of these remarkable countries. We also specialise in tailor-made itineraries, thus affording a flexibility not normally available with group tours. If you want to spend a little more time haggling over a purchase in the bazaar, or immersing yourself in the tranquility of a mosque, you can do so without worrying about holding up a tour party. With your own private vehicle and guide, you are assured of one-to-one attention at all times - this is also the best way to meet local people. However, if you prefer to travel in a group, we do offer a number of group tours to Libya. These are kept small to retain a personal touch.

Minimum number on group tours are 4 persons...

It is the practice of other tour operators to cancel tours if this minimum number is insufficient. The result is a cancelled holiday and very disappointed clients SAHARA FRIENDS does not adopt this minimum number policy. Once you have booked a group tour with us, we will not cancel the tour due to failure to achieve minimum numbers. Please bear this in mind when choosing the operator you wish to travel with.

Mr. Mohamed Ahmed
Mr. Mohamed Ahmed

Mr. Mohamed Ahmed

E-mail: info@saharafriendstours.com